Colby Valve Ultimate Tire Valve System – 2-Pack


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Want the best valve stem on the market? The Colby Valve Ultimate Valve System is it! It is a full 1/2" shorter than their other valves, lowering the risk that it will contact hazards on the trail. If it does, the high strength will further protect you against a valve stem break. Like all of their valves, it installs from the outside of the wheel. Their patent pending Ultimate Valves can be installed on the trail, from the outside of the wheel, without tire removal, in about 1 minute. You will need to tighten them down with a 7/16" socket or wrench. They are 20X stronger than normal valves and will help you avoid many common valve issues up-front. They aren't indestructible, but they will take one heck of a beating. Consider them an amazing rigid valve that can be installed without breaking the bead.


Ultra-low-profile – ½” shorter than our other valves

Permanently replaces tire valve stems without wheel removal

Significantly reduces instances of broken valve stems for low-profile tires

Valve stem installs from the outside of the wheel

Replaces broken tire valve stem in about 1 minute with a 7/16” socket or wrench

Fits standard .453 sized wheel/tire valve stem openings

20x stronger than standard valves

Made with quality 360 brass bar stock components

Creates a wedge effect inside the wheel when tightened

Made in the USA

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