Strap Bag


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Blue Ridge Overland has devised a way to store and use 2" straps and kinetic energy ropes. Getting your straps organized has never been easier! The Strap Bag attaches to a bull bar or roll cage. ITW field buckles can be closed around the sides. That way, when you do get stuck in a muddy spot, your two straps are already on the front of your vehicle, ready to go. No more fumbling around through piles of gear for the one thing that'll get you going again.

To Deploy Bag:
Simply pull the tow straps from each opening at the bottom corners of the bag. Attach one end to the d-ring of your vehicle, and just start walking with the bag. The tow strap is ready to go with no frustrating tangles to work through. You can even go as far as attaching one end of the rope to the d-ring of your vehicle ahead of time. It isn't necessary to even remove the bag when the two rope is in use. It can even be used as a wench dampener. 

Made in the USA

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