Road Shower 4


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Now you can take the convenience of a hot shower on your next adventure. Can also be used for cleaning your gear. The high pressure jet setting is great for blasting off the dirt, sand or mud. The Road Shower comes in three different sizes to meet your individual needs. 

Road Shower 4S (RS04S) 

This four-gallon shower is perfect for beach or hiking trips. It fits smaller cars and racks and provides enough water for two camp showers – about six minutes of pressurized water. 

Road Shower 4 (RS04) 

This seven-gallon shower works great for short, multi-day trips. It fits midsize cars, trailers and rack systems. With enough water for three to four showers (about ten minutes of pressurized water), it weighs in at 77 lbs. when full.  

Road Shower 4L (RS04L)

This ten-gallon shower is ideal for longer multi-day trips. It fits larger vehicles and rack systems and weighs 116 lbs. when full. Make sure your vehicle and rack are designed for this much weight. It provides enough water for five or six showers – about 14 minutes of pressurized water.


Pressure rated at 65 PSI.

A built-in air chamber allows you to fill the water tanks completely without saving space for compressed air.

Mounting slots on both the side and bottom allow for more mounting options, including mounting to the side of a roof top box.

Outlet options at both ends let you drain the tank from the downhill end no matter which direction you park. You can add an optional shower head to the free end for hands-free showering.

Professional fill cap.

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