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The Blue Ridge Overland Land Cruiser Attic is a must have for owners of 80 and 100 series Landcruisers. It creates valuable storage space out of thin air. The Attic is made of mil-spec mesh and attaches to the grab handles with G-hooks. It can be clipped and unclipped as needed. Now you can store essential gear in the vast space above your passengers’ heads.

The Attic is adjustable. The corners can be tightened so that it doesn't get in your passengers' way. That being said, we recommend the Attic for light-weight items like coats, blankets and sleeping bags.

Durable 550 paracord lacing keeps the Attic taught with cinch strings and ITW barrel locks. The mesh design is ideal for storing damp items, allowing them to air out while preventing any musty smells. The edges of the Attic are mil-specone-inch webbing. The webbing is bar-tacked, allowing you to hang small items from it with carabiner clips.


Designed to store a variety of light-weight cargo.

Made of all mil-spec mesh.

550 cord lacing to cinch cargo into place.

Adjustable straps ensure the attic's cargo won't bump into passengers' heads.

Secures around ceiling grab handles with mil-spec G-hooks.

Dimensions: mesh is 36"x24" | 1" webbing sides are 68" end to end.

Made in the USA

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