Bubba Rope 50' Winch Line Extension


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The Only Gator-ize® Vinyl Coated, Factory Repairable Winch Lines made.

Featuring new Rigid "Victory" Gator-ize® Eyes

Finally a winch line that focuses on strength and safety that can be repaired in our winch line factory.


Fabricated from 12 strand Plasma® rope , the Highest Strength Synthetic Rope available

Rigid Non-metal eyes - eliminating heavy metal flying back at you or your vehicle

Gator-ize® eyes with 2 kinds of vinyl polymer coatings that protect against wear, abrasion, sand and UV deterioration

Factory Repairable* and Load Tested before shipping back to you

High-Viz Color Banded for Visual Safety

Hand Made in the USA for superior Quality and Consistency

Size: 3/8" x 50' Breaking Strength: 17,200 lbs.

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