Factor 55 Shorty Strap 3


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At Factor 55 we have been using  a version of our custom ultra short flat straps for years to assist in a variety of useful vehicle recovery applications. These short straps are not constructed like typical recovery/snatch straps. The Shorty Straps are not designed to store energy from stretch. They are designed to serve as a versatile short soft link to attach to vehicles and are constructed of an ultra low stretch (low energy storage) polyester, not high stretch nylon like typical snatch straps. The applications vary from easily attaching to vehicles that are not equipped with recovery points, to using your winch and Shorty Strap to field repair/straighten bent steering components like tie rods and drag links. The inherit flat shape of the straps prevent the straps from rolling and twisting when attached to tubular shapes like bumper stingers, steering components, and nerd bars. We prefer flat straps over round ropes for this reason.

Even polyester webbing materials retain a small element of material stretch and since the total energy stored is a function of the % of stretch and the overall length of the strap, we have designed the strap to be as short as possible but still retain the necessary webbing overlap and stitch count necessary for the rated loads. The overall length of the Shorty Straps is 3 feet, and this is reduced to only 1.5 feet long when used in the common basket configuration. Low stretch/energy storage equates to less recoil energy during a possible component failure.

These straps are manufactured in the USA to Factor 55 specifications by the Certified Sling Corporation, the parent company to the well known Bubba Rope Company.


Manufactured in the USA from low stretch Polyester webbing.

Overall length of 3 feet.  Available in 2 and 3 inch widths.

Weight : 1lb,8 oz.

Durable Cordura abrasion guard for reinforced eyes and webbing seams.

Working load limits clearly labeled for straight, basket and choker configurations.

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